Mecatex Srl

Outstanding flexibility of production facilities and 

the support of advanced IT systems allow

MECATEX  to respond fully to the production needs

of the  textile industry  

Constant commitment in technical design and the  

company’s flexibility, allow us to easily satisfy our  

customers’ specific needs,  and develop, together 

with them, productions lines according to the needs 

of the 21st century. 



All production processes are carried out with high-precision

machines. MECATEX has an extensive product range that

includes lines for the preparation of staple fibres, the

feeding of traditional as well  as airlay cardsheat

bonding and thermal-bonding ovens.

Spinning - Dying - Non Woven -rag reclaiming - 

Stuffing -Other machines

a world premier during ITMA 2015 !

a world premier during ITMA 2015 ! - Mecatex Srl


mod. CA 300-2015

Technical characteristics

 Max. working width: 1000 - 4000 mm

Machine designed for the production of batts of fibres which are then directly fed into a Thermo-bonding oven or Needle loom.

- Virtually all kinds of fibres can be processed,

- weight range from 150 to ≥ 3000 gr/m2 according to the type of processed fibres.

 The airlay card is particularly indicated for the production of voluminous materials as used in automotives, mattresses, furniture, upholstery, footwear and filters.


recent supply to the USA

recent supply to the USA - Mecatex Srl

A complete line for fiber opening and blending

Final product: nonwoven for the automotive industry